Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Roommate Shit

So I just found this list I kept of weird ass things my old roommate used to do, it's based around facebook updates, so bear with it.

Enjoy! He was a fucking weirdo!

Stevie Smalls' new roommate is sitting on his bed, again, eating a cucumber in the dark, staring at him....for the second night in a row. - Sat at 10:46pm

Stevie Smalls is attempting to listen to his roommate talk about soap operas that he watches on a regular basis...with his mom... - Mon at 1:24pm -

"You know how some people talk to their plants, well I used to play music for (this one) and now it's addicted to the Spice Girls" - Kim, the non-asian roommate.

"My sister is a gross girl, ewwwwww nasty girl, icky girl" - Kim, the non-asian roommate.

Stevie Small's roommate is telling him the history of Wonder Woman - Mon at 1:36am -

As I lie in bed looking at some photos on facebook, he comes and sits on the floor next to my bed, and says "Oh, those look better than what I've been watching"... (He thought I was watching porn, which he was)

As I lie in bed, again, on the computer, he walks into the room and says "Aw. I'm jealous, she gets all the attention" (Refering to my computer)

Walked in tonight and he had his entire telescope taken apart like a gun on the desk in our room....which he then proceeded to spray paint, in an enclosed room, for a period of several hours.

Tonight (August 6th) as I was taking him back to the house, he asked me to drop him off at 7-11 for a "pack of smokes". As I dropped him off, he said he'd walk home, a distance of roughly 3 miles. He got out of the car and walked up to the door, looking around but not going inside. As I drove away, he took off running into the night, towards highway 28. Haven't heard or seen him since

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morning Players

Good morning everyone!

I just ran out of dip today, I've been thinking about quitting.

What do you guys think I should do?

Buy a new tin, or quit?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Sure

Yo playas out there,

So I'm not too sure what I'm gonna be posting on here, but hopefully you all don't mind just reading the ramblings and nonsense of a average 20 something.


I just saw this vid, it's funnier than the Pope wiping his bum with the Koran!

<btw, I still can't figure out how to post a vid from youtube onto here, any help with the html code anyone????>

I Should Be Fucking Asleep

Well, I should be fucking asleep since my back is killing me, but I just can't fall asleep, luckily for me, Stick To Your Guns has a new fucking album out, so I have something to jam out to.

<I can't figure out why this blogger thing isn't letting me post videos using the little video upload button, but fuck it.>

First Up

Well, I just finally signed up for one of these things.

I'm sure not too many people will actually read this, but what the heck, it's for me anyways.

Not too sure what I'll be posting up on here either, but fuck it.

Peace out.